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Overall Description:

Accounting is the building block of your business.  The foundation.  How much thought have you put into your accounting process?  Do you even know if you have an accounting process?  

Maybe you have a bookkeeper, what is your bookkeeper doing? What should they be doing?

If these are good questions (not uncommon) then this is definitely where we need to start.  Once we verify that we are building your business on a solid foundation we will manage the accounting for you.  This means you are free to spend your time where it will add the most value and you will have the best information available to you.  

Of course, we are not a CPA firm so we will coordinate with either your current tax guy or with one we trust to make sure you are getting the best tax support available.


Some of the benefits of this package are insightful and accurate accounting systems, freedom to focus on developing your business, and the clarity that comes with knowing where your money is.


This won't be an all inclusive list, but just some of the basics to give you an idea.  If you have something in mind, definitely reach out to us!

Accounting Evaluation:

In a nutshell, the intention is to determine how strong your businesses accounting foundation truly is.  This makes sure the reports generated are providing an accurate picture of your business. 

Things you can expect

  • A report outlining:

    • What is working and what isn't​

    • Adjustments that need to be made

  • List of possible efficiency gains

  • Meeting to review and discuss findings. 

Quarterly Review:

This is pretty much just like it sounds...  Generally, we will review actual results (in English not accounting) and how the actuals compared to your forecast.  Then we will review your forecast for the upcoming quarter.  

This will also be the time to review any accounting issues or items that need to be addressed for us to maintain a high performing and high quality accounting machine.  

Finance Starter:

​To be honest, this one wasn't originally in the list.  However, it is a crucial element to your success (and bank account) and it just can't be ignored.  

Since we are throwing it in for free... we won't build your forecast or KPIs for you, but we will review them with you.  You will get a second set of eyes and the benefit of our experience and expertise.  

Accounting Evaluation
Periodic Reviews
Finance Starter
Need more details? Contact us

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